4 Benefits of a Vauva Bag

About a month ago, I won a giveaway that contained a Vauva Diaper Bag. I like my pack so much that I decided to write a post about it. Here is the beautiful minimalist pack I am talking about…

Here are the 4 benefits of owning a Vauva backpack:

It has a genius amount of pockets.

My last diaper bag drove me crazy because it had pockets, but they were not strategically placed and I felt like everything got lost ALL THE TIME.

The Vauva pack has 5 different pockets on the inside of the bag, one of those includes an insulated pocket for a bottle. If you want to see what each pocket is for, you can find more info on the Vauva site.

There are also 3 pockets on the outside that I absolutely love. The front pocket fits snacks perfectly, while the two pockets on the sides are great for keys and/or a phone. The back pocket has a zipper so it can be used to store valuables or can even fit a tablet.

 It is the perfect size.

I got tired of my large-and-in-charge diaper bag that I had before I got my Vauva. At first, I worried that the backpack was too small. It didn’t take me long to realize that it is seriously just the right size for the essential items that O boy needs. I cannot rave enough about how much I love the size of my backpack.

It comes with an “emergency” kit.

The pack comes with a changing pad to place under your babe when you have an emergency when you are out. There is also a clear bag to put wet/soiled clothes in. You can make it your own little changing kit by placing diapers and wipes in the pad.

(Ignore the stain in the bottom of my bag, as you can see we have gotten good use out of the bag already!)

It is just so dang comfortable.

Vauva has designed the pack so that you can adjust the straps if needs be. I haven’t had to change them at all and I love the way it rests on my shoulders. The other great thing is that it fits my husband perfectly as well, and he’s not embarrassed to wear it!

Vauva does have another option of a tan bag if you don’t love the black.

I realize that these backpacks are kind-of expensive but it is seriously so worth it. The quality is incredible and I will never go back to a regular diaper bag now.

Lucky for you… if you decide to join the Vauva revolution you can get 25% off using the code LIFE. Head on over to the Vauva website to check out your next diaper bag.


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