Baby Body Confessions

Hey mamas! I’m Shelby and I’m stopping by from my blog, The Blissfully Exhausted Mama, to talk to you about an issue many mamas deal with, the baby body blues.

Long before I was expecting, my body was in its prime. I spent hours in the gym working on my physique and loved to show off my hard work. Life was good! I thought that I could easily maintain my healthy body even with a baby growing in it. Boy, was I wrong.

A few months after getting married, my husband and I decided it was time to add two little feet to our family. Months later as an expecting mama, I thought to myself, “Oh I can eat what I want, I’ll be able to drop baby weight with no issues.

That totally back fired on me.

I ended up gaining 64 pounds during my pregnancy and that came with loads of health issues, from high blood pressure to constantly swollen ankles. While dealing with these issues, my morning sickness lasted my entire pregnancy. so I was lucky if I could even last a whole shift at work.

Soon enough our little bundle of joy arrived.

After a traumatic experience with the birthing process, I couldn’t wait to be able to walk again and be able to shower. After taking my hospital gown off, I took a good look at myself in the mirror.

I no longer was a mama to be with a cute baby bump; I now was a new mother and with a partially deflated belly. All I could see was my previously stretched out skin no longer tight like it had been. The toll of giving birth was clear on my face; my skin looked gray and I had bags under my eyes.

Even though I just went through a monumental life experience, I hated my body.

Postpartum body changes are never quick. It took months for me to drop my weight down and get out of maternity clothes. In a world that is covered in ads with models with perfect bodies, I felt even worse about myself.

It’s been nearly two years since I gave birth and I’m still not even close to my  pre-baby body shape.

I’ve struggled through postpartum depression and with the help of my doctor and therapist, I’ve come to realize that it’s okay. This body did something incredible- it grew my perfect little boy. Instead of prioritizing getting back to being fit I’ve focused on the other important aspects of my life: my son, my job and most importantly myself. My body probably won’t get close to what it was pre-baby anytime soon, but I’m alright with it. The stretch marks are a reminder of the life that I carried for 9 months; my son was absolutely worth every single mark.

If you’re struggling with body image after baby, it’s absolutely normal. Woman rarely bounce back into shape right away, or even get to how they were before. Keep in mind that you are absolutely worth it, your body gave life!


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  • Amber

    April 2, 2017

    I am glad you are so honest about this. It can help others for sure going through the same thing. I know I struggled with my body image after I had my kids.

    • Kaitlyn Brough

      April 24, 2017

      It is hard to not struggle with it really. I know I did, and still continue to do so! I am finally feeling more confident in my skin and it is time to start thinking about having another child. These stretch marks are worth it though. So grateful to be a mama!