How to Furniture Shop the Right Way

As I announced last week, we just bought our first house. Yay!!! With that has come the excitement of buying new furniture, decorations, rugs, you name it.

Here is a little secret about me:

Until we bought our new bed frame,

which we were forced to purchase because our old one was too big for our new room,

I have never bought a piece of furniture from a store.

And I have been married for almost 3 years.

 I am all about bargain shopping, especially when it comes to furniture. I cannot fathom purchasing a new couch or table for $500+, especially when I can find something just as good that has been used.

That is why the KSL classifieds has become my best friend through the years and has helped me to furniture shop the right way.

I will give you some examples below of the incredible finds I got on KSL and how incredibly cheap they were.

Polished Entertainment Stand

We found this for only $80. It was a bit beat up when we got it but after I polished it with some Old English, it was as good as new. Although I love this piece of furniture, I will be selling it myself on KSL because we are doing a built-in in our house and I am so excited. It is going to look like this…

Distressed Rocking Chair

I love this gem I found because I am a sucker for the distressed look. It looks perfect in my piano room and it was only 30 bucks! The best part is, I didn’t have to do any fixing or cleaning up. It came just like this.

Re-finished Turquoise Piano

Okay, do you not love this?! I about died when my mom found it on KSL. And it was only… $500!!! It adds so much to our house.

White Nightstands

We went to IKEA to find new furniture for our bedroom, and I found these exact nightstands there for $80/piece. What?! I looked on KSL and found them for 40 bucks for 2. Score! There are some marks on them but nothing too noticeable.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

My husband just finished this today and I am in LOVE! We bought a table off KSL for $15 and used the legs and side pieces from it. He then bought 3 large pieces of wood from Home Depot for the top. With some stain and paint, this is the beauty we got! Total, it cost less than $150. Not bad for an 8 foot table. Hopefully he will have the benches done in the next couple days.

I realize that not every state has KSL, but it is used in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. If you don’t live in one of those 3 states, find something similar because you won’t regret it! There is also Indoor Yard Sale groups on Facebook that are just as AWESOME.

I am a project guru so if you need any advice or help, I am your girl!


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